Welcome to Indian by Nature website – IBN II

indian-restaurant-prague-5Indian By Nature II is Indian restaurant in Prague 6 – Dejvice, where an experienced chef Kamalesh Sarkar prepares you a delicious dishes. During tasting original Indian cuisine you will meet new tastes and the only one visit in this fair and verified Indian restaurant will definitely be enough.

Indian restaurant in Prague are not rarely visited by native Indians. No matter whether they are on vacancy or business trip, Indian cuisine must be flawless. Since anyone recognize if his food is prepared in the way how it is supposed to be. And negative experience is spread much more faster comparing the positive one. So if the Indian restaurant is not good enough, anyone will soon find it out so the restaurant would have lost all it’s guests.

Indian by Nature is not purely vegetarian restaurant. Prague is the place though, where people like vegetarian food more than meat dish. So not only because of it in IBN vegetarians will feel nice there. Since there are also served vegetarian dishes.

Indian food in IBN are made of the most quality ingredients and with high care. Of course, you may think. Anyone can write this anywhere. So don’t hesitate to visit Indian restaurant in Prague – Dejvice or Karlin and make sure that it is true.

Indian restaurant Prague 6 (Indian By Nature II) or Indian restaurant Prague 8 (Indian By Nature I) warmly invites you for the best Indian food in Prague.

You can savor the many Indian dishes within the All you can eat, when there is opened a buffet for you from Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 15:00. You will have choice of vegetarian dishes, rice dishes, Indian bread, salads and desserts.

And if you can’t meet us in our restaurant, we also deliver lunches directly to the offices. You can take advantage of catering services from Monday to Friday, from 10:30 to 12:30.